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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 8, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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hasn't seen rain like this more than a year. and do we ever live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> the bay area hasn't seen rain like this in more than a year and do we need it? some spots picked up several inches and it's not over yet. good evening, i'm annette. >> good evening to you, i'm paul live with the kpix5 mobile weather lab. we're in pittsburgh and pittsburgh tonight is the perfect place to be because to my left, your right looking at home, there's been very little rain fall today, but to my right, everywhere north of highway 4, it has poured pretty much all day long. some of the rain fall totals are approaching double digits. i'm picking three of our bigger cities with airport weather recording stations. they are santa rosa, san francisco, and san jose. look at santa rosa.
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coming up on half a foot of rain fall today, but just down the road, less than an hour in san francisco, less than 1 inch of rain fall and most of that 3/4 of an inch in san jose fell yesterday. you've had a few drops in the south bay. here are some more rain fall totals. we have petaluma at 4.25. you're in the halves. but pittsburgh, that dividing line with 1 inch of rain. union city much less. and it drops off as you go further south. putting everything into perspective here for you, we will likely shave 10 to 25 percent off of our drought or deficit in the north bay because you are down 30 inches of rain fall since the beginning of last year. just this weekend, we're looking at an average of 3 to 8 inches of rain. as for why we have this huge rain fall disperty, we are dealing with a pineapple
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express. tropical moisture is coming up from hawaii across the pacific into northern california. what can happen when you get a pineapple express? a thin, very narrow band of the heaviest rain fall and on either side, there's not really that much. that is absolutely in play tonight as we have 1/5 the rain fall in san francisco. it's napa getting the worst of the storm and brian is here to talk about what is going on the radar currently. brian. >> you talk about microclimates. you step across the northern end and you have half a foot of rain. south of it and today as paul pointed out, there's next to nothing. and you can see that the flow is continuing pretty much along those lines. even as the radar gets lit up from marin on the flow here. everything gets enhanced over the next eight hours and that's why there are flash flood watches posted through tomorrow afternoon. look at that rain unwinding.
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as you come across the strait, not too much around the hayward fault and you head further south and there's nothing at all. that is going to change. we have rain for everybody tomorrow. we also have a team of reporters covering the storm and we're going to be starting with brian webb in sonoma county where they had problems throughout the day. >> this road behind me is known to flood a lot and it did not disappoint today. nearby sonoma creek overflowing where hays 121 and 12 meet, just one of many spots that couldn't quite take in all that mother nature is dishing out. roads were closed all around the north bay like this one. some curious drivers disregarded the warning. turns out, there wasn't much to worry about anyway. >> we are hoping for more of a flood. but it doesn't seem like there's much covering the road. >> but down the way, the local creek was reaching its limits leaving nearby homes with
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overnight waterfront property. the kind you keep a close eye on. >> another 3 feet between where the dirt ends to this barbed wire fence. >> so far, if you can see the water there, i get nervous. rains caused a big chunk of road to slide down a slippery slope. half of it washed away with a truck buried in mud and in way too deep. >> down below, there was one vehicle by the rock slide. the residents had another vehicle. >> but as the rains came, causing floods and inconvenience, rivers flowed, fields drank, and kids played in puddles. welcome back, winter. >> we have seen several cars go right around the road closure sign. some of them getting half way down and changing their mind and coming back. this road behind me is expected to be closed at least through
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the night. reporting from sonoma county, brian webb, kpix5. >> as you just saw, north bay is taking the brunt of the storm so far. has one of the highest rain totals in the bay area. hi joe. >> reporter: hi, and yes. 7 inches of rain near the college of marin. i just talked to a sheriff deputy who say they lost 3,000 homes, pg and e power is out in those homes and businesses right now, they are working to get it back. for the most part, this can county has seen rain and this is what they are hoping for. a welcome weekend soaker has made quite an impact in marin. and let's face it, this much water during a drought is much appreciated. >> i'm enjoying the rain. i know it's an inconvenience for a lot of people, but we need it, this is how you get it. >> rivers and streams stayed well within their banks. flash flood warning never materialized.
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there was no damage here. many here remember pat's floods and prepared for the worst. >> we get the flood every time it floods and the creek backs up, we have to figure this out. >> it's not that high yet. >> it's getting there. it's the same as it was last year when the flood warning went off. >> i have been coming out here since 1989. >> secret, known as mother goose, has been taking care of her geese along the creek. she says it's perfect weather for them. >> they don't mind it at all. >> this is goose weather. >> yes. >> and you are mother goose, so you don't mind it. >> oh, i wouldn't say that. >> i'm with the mother goose. there is more to come overnight. paul is going to talk about that and this area here, especially kentfield and marin expecting more pounding. kpix5. >> it should come as no surprise the weather made a rough day. more than 80 flights have been
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canceled. an even split between arrivals and departures. those able to get out, the delays run from 1 to 2 hours. there have been a few instances as planes being delayed as many as 8 hours. >> the rain put a dent in the drought. don knapp found some proof earlier today. >> it is one of a half dozen or so lakes that collect rainwater from marin county's water supply. today it is collecting good. it's 2 feet from the spillway. avenue rages 52 inches of rain a year. coming into this weekend, only 5 inches had fallen. 10% of average. you can see everything headed our way. just go to to view high def doppler on your smart phone. the rain revealed another potential problem with a new bay bridge. apparently, it leaks. the chronicle is reporting rainwater is getting into the
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structure underneath the roadway. that was not in the design. at least according to caltrans. water getting into the structure could cause corrosion and weaken the bridge. it can fix the problem, but added that no matter what it does, water is going to get in. >> on bright side, the weekend storm is actually helping caltrans figure out exactly where the leaks are. >> in other news, same-sex married couples will have more of the same rights as opposite sex spouses. coem on the major new policy change in washington. the nation's top law enforcer says the justice department will treat legally married same- sex couples the same as heterosexual couples. >> on monday, i will issue a new policy memorandum to give lawful, same-sex marriages full and equal recognition to the greatest extent possible under the law. >> attorney general, eric holder, made the comment that a human rights campaign gala in
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new york. going forward, same-sex spouses cannot be compelled to testify against each other. they will file for bankruptcy jointly. they will get the same visitation privileges and officers and firefighters will be eligible for federal benefits. here at the gala, members and supporters of the gay community are applauding the announcement. congressman, sean patrick came with his long-time partner. >> we have three children and they shouldn't grow up in a country where their family is treated less than anybody else's. >> we will never rest in our efforts to safeguard the civil rights to which everyone in this country is entitled. >> last june, the supreme court struck down part of the defense marriage act, which barred the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages. since then, the obama administration made changes at irs, the pentagon, and the justice department. cbs news, new york. same-sex marriage is now legal in 17 states, including california and in the district
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of columbia. >> we've been talking about our own weather and how much we need the rain and snow. another place, sochi, russia. you're looking live at olympic stadium where the olympic games are well underway. the united states has two medals already and collected the first gold. sage cohnhe nailed it. locking up the game's first gold. >> it feels like a dream right now. just winning a gold on the first day and the first event of slopestyle is the craziest thing ever. >> slopestyle is one of 12 sports debuting in the sochi games. here's a look at current medal count. norway leads with 4. canada and the netherlands are tied with 3 a piece. the u.s. has two. >> we are keeping an eye on the storm. it has everything. in fact, it was enough to cause major delays at pebble beach,
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but it wasn't rain that was the problem. >> good evening to you, i'm paul from a soggy, windy pittsburgh. let's stop talking about the rain. let's talk about the snow. the white stuff. what is going on tonight in the sierra? we have an answer for you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area... the sierra is sg tons of fresh powder. while it's dumping rain in the bay area, the cierre sierra is seeing tons of fresh snow. at sugar bowl, they couldn't wait to get scooped up by the ski lifts. despite near whiteout conditions. >> better late than never and we couldn't be happier. >> it's a little windy, but it's the price you pay for beautiful snow. >> many ski resorts are recruiting more workers to deal with the influx of visitors. plenty of people are headed for the slopes. >> the big trick is getting there. paul, let's talk snow totals. >> it's all about the chains required to get up there. we go from heavy rain to heavy snow around 7,000 feet. so bringing the chains, definitely four wheel traction tires if you are planning on getting anywhere close to the
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slopes. let's talk about the snowfall totals. it may not be the best for skiing, because it's the heavy, wet snow. not the typical stuff we get, but that's the kind of snow we're getting. at least it's not manmade. for the storm, 41 inches of snowfall. squaw valley 26 inches of snow and sierra at tahoe, 25 inches of fresh powder and the snow will continue tonight and tomorrow. we have video to show you. this is the snowy scene in the sierra tonight. that is a wonderful sight, especially when you're talking about an 18% of normal snow pack. this storm may double that. we'll be measuring things on monday and we'll see where we are. ken bastida was up in the mountains today. he filed this report. >> i'm up here about 6500 feet on highway 4 heading up to emmett's pass. it's snowing pretty good up here. on the highway right now, they have chain controls in effect.
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it's been like this all afternoon long. snow coming down heavy. got to slow down when you drive. but it's good to see snow in the mountains once again. >> all right, thank you, ken. reporting from the sierra, he's enjoying his time up there. folks up there are as well. things are getting wetter, so that dividing line. we're live tonight in pittsburgh. it is raining here once again. let us hope we can spread some of that rain to the south because we need it. right now it's mainly the north bay. a live look at the radar coming up. back to you. >> thanks so much. the other big storm or story of this storm is the wind. and check this out, sacramento wind gusts uprooted this massive tree, exposing old roots. once embedded deep into the ground. the tree toppled over parallel, just missing them, but it did crush the backseat and trunk of this car. and flags swayed fiercely back and forth. the wind was so bad, it delayed
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the event again today. gusts blew golf balls around the green making it difficult for participants to take their shot. >> all right, in the weather department, time to have a look at the kpix5 high deaf doppler. we got a break tonight, the rain didn't let up much in the north bay. we have another wave of showers heading toward the bay area. they will unwind overnight. and finally begin to sink south as we draw on this. at this hour, reporting heavy rain in santa rosa. you can see that being picked up by the doppler, and south of where paul is, there's not much. there's some cells beginning to sink toward la fayette. there will be some tomorrow when a cold front finally pushes through. this is what is happening. this impressive cloud, this is the pineapple express. this is moving toward the west coast and as it gets into our neighborhood, we're going to pull more rain out of this.
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first up north and for the entire bay area as the day progresses tomorrow. right now, the numbers on the balmy side. they haven't changed much. with this warm subtropical flow. the snow levels as powell pointed out, very high. above 7,000 feet. wind gusts with this at the very peek of the sierra, 75 miles per hour. as you take i-80 out, if you don't have to go, it's going to be a mess driving up to the sierra or coming back tomorrow. massive epic delays on 80. in the north bay, flood alerts possible. flash flood watch posted for marin and sonoma counties with rapid rises on small rivers and streams with this new inflex of moisture coming through. the ground is saturated. won't cause much rain for the creeks to rise. you get urban flooding in the low lying areas. it's the sort of thing, though, the fact this is the first time
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we're talking about the fact the leaves clogged up the drains and it doesn't take much rain to cause a lot of ponding. it will be a mess. more rain moves in as this front presses through tomorrow. as the rain presses south, san jose will pick up significant amounts in 24 hours. the time lapse of the future cast, widely scattered showers coming through and it stays well into the early hours of monday morning. in the meantime, the next 36 hours looks wet. along the peninsula 1 to 2 inches. south bay could pick up 2 inches more, of course, in the santa cruz mountains. rine and wind will spread south tomorrow, then finally on monday, we'll clear it out. pebble beach, by the way tomorrow, doesn't look great. they'll get rain as well. a little later in the morning. we'll see how many rounds they can get in. it looks possible it gets moved
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over to monday. for the forecast tomorrow, readings in the mid to upper 50s with the big extended forecast calling for showers moving in on sunday. monday finally we'll get a break. wednesday, another chance for showers and at this point, it's iffy, storm door being open, moisture is coming in. there's no presip coming in on saturday, but it bears watching. expect wet on sunday. good day to stay inside and celebrate 50 years, one of the most incredible musical phenomenons. >> must be talking about the night that changed music in network. >> ladies and gentlemen, the beatles. ♪ [ music ] >> they had screaming girls back then. tomorrow marks 50 years since the appearance on the ed
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sullivan show. make their u.s. debut. the rest as they say is history. >> and tonight at 11:00, we walk down beetles memory lane with some hard core fans, including our own linda yee, plus the bay area spot where you can look where photos of the iconic band. that's tonight. >> still to come, a bay area pooch ended up a westminster champion. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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for i love this. a san francisco mutt. mixed breed dogs were allowed to compete. dog trainer, stacey campbell adopted this mutt named rue. to date, rue took top honors in the all american category. that's dog show speak for mutt. >> can he do it? can he do it? yes. he's got it. you're a winner. oh my god. so great. i mean, to have an all american win at westminster. >> didn't win the top prize, but he was one of four runners up. >> i have a mutt and she's wonderful. ahead, the state of the golden state warriors after being hung out to dry in the desert.
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they've gone from possibly if, after the suns bunt on him. ,,,,,,,,
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the state of the golden state state warriors leads us off. david lee out, so it's up to seth currie. currie looking nearly flawless, hitting 50% from the field, but it wasn't enough. he was outshined by suns guard. he was master full. took 13 shots, made 10 of them. carried the suns to victory.
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122-109. usf tried to steal one on the road. matt hits the three. and usfo68-63. to pebble beach. ran back, so was the win. wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. play suspended over 90 minutes. at the end of three rounds, it's jimmie walker, had some magic today. leads the feel by 6 at 13 under overall. final round coming up tomorrow. >> all right. barring any rain. too much rain. >> and on that subject, we have one last look at the high definition doppler. it does look like it's going to rain tomorrow. they have flash flood watches in effect from midnight tonight right through tomorrow afternoon because of rain rates approaching half an inch an
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hour. rapid rises on some of the small creeks and streams. we'll have an update. >> see you then. good night. ,,,, ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight,
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>> hi. >> good morning. can i help you? >> yes, i'm from techstar about a new phone system for you. i was wondering if i could talk to michael scott. >> i'm sorry. he's not in right now. >> really? he's never around when i come by. >> shoot. they have new phone systems now that can ring directly to a salesman, or someone presses star and they go to accounting.


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